Family: They Need Your Intentional Effort and Patience

If a picture is worth a thousand words then suffice it to say, that a family portrait  is worth a million, or more.  Families with all their unwritten rules and invisible lines are more intricate than the fine print on any online subscription or processed food label.  Are multi-generational extended family units a thing of the past? More Than Ever Before Relationships Require Plugging In Families stayed together, over the eons, because they needed to, for survival. Plain and simple. Warmth, shelter, food, … Read More

Are You Helping Bullies Target Your Child?

Whether you are expectantly awaiting your child’s first day of school or their first school event, parents far and wide are wondering how will their child adapt to the social pressures this year. Social pressure or bullying, at the very least is stressful for children and parents, but at its worst can be stigmatizing and traumatic.  Feeling rejected and isolated from peers leaves children of all ages wishing they could understand what they did wrong and how they can once … Read More