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"It is God's higher calling in marriage and in life to love others more than ourselves. "

Kimberly A. Oakes

Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT

There is hope! With a varied and vast personal and educational background my, strength lies in connecting with my clients. I've been practicing since 2015, and graduated from Syracuse University in 2013. I am truly honored by the opportunity to walk with my clients through to the other side of their personal healing. As we collaborate on how to reach your goals, with hope and compassion you CAN experience greater peace, joy, and improved mental health!

As a child of divorced parents, I learned shortly after getting married that there was much I needed to learn about relationships and positive mental health.  I came to a place in myself, knowing that I did not have the tools or support to have a "happily ever after" and felt that what I needed were answers.  I went back to school, reluctant to see what was missing in my marriage and most of all missing inside of me.  I was on a journey of spiritual, emotional, and relationship growth and knew that if I could get it right, then I'd have to give it away to help others.

I would joke at school, Syracuse University's School of Marriage and Family Therapy, during my Master's of Arts program that I wasn't a a big fan of marraige.  I wasn't.  I saw how horribly the failure hurt people and destroyed families.  I can see now though, that done well, selflessly, with  patience and love mental health and a healthy marriage can be the best gift we give our children and ourselves.  It is just not easy.  It is really hard.  It is however God's plan and well worth it.


  • Couples and families in distress
  • Handling relationship commitment, breakups and divorce
  • Special needs individuals, families, children and adolescents
  • Couples surviving infidelity
  • Relief from anxiety and depression.


License No. and State: 001196 New York

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