Self-control and the Mystery of Self-Mastery: Part Three

Why can’t I get it together and keep it together? So first we discussed in Part 1 the importance of personal growth as a change process or a necessary functional adaptation to a changing world.  Also, I suggested the importance of setting goals and tackling bite sized, or what I like to call “fun sized” pieces of action for greater success.  In Part 2 we discussed delayed gratification and how it helps you to be successful at change through bargaining … Read More

Self-control and the Mystery of Self-Mastery: Part Two

“Waiting is such sweet sorrow” –quip   The difficulty presented at the onset of personal change is significant and at times daunting and discouraging.  Change to the environment or ones routines can produce an increased level of anxiety, most of the time, in many people.  This only serves to remind us that life is hard,  and life is change.  You guessed it, change is hard.  Ever changing in scope and presentation we are challenged with the task of responding to … Read More

Self-control and the Mystery of Self-mastery: Part One-Change

Despite even our best of intentions, we can find ourselves missing the mark when it comes to our own growth.  Staying stuck, time and time again can be truly heartbreaking, especially when we let ourselves down.  How is it then that we fail to complete the well-intentioned promises to ourselves?  Aren’t we complicit to make the promise in the first place and isn’t our goal well positioned for success at the start? What could possibly happen along the way to … Read More

The changing landscape of Therapy and the advent of Online options.

When “going to see a therapist” lacks having to go or see the therapist, can you still work through life’s challenges and improve your mental health?  Going even one step further, can you not only feel better but can you actually become your best self with the help of telemedicine’s online therapy? Millennials and Gen Xers already consider in-person doctors to be secondary sources of information. So as we shift to getting more information more readily online the piece of healthcare … Read More