Couples and Marriage Therapy

This may be the first or fiftieth time you have thought of seeking couples counseling or marriage therapy. Have hope! You can recover your once vibrant and healthy relationship and truly share a life together.

Over time disagreements and arguments can go unresolved leading to tension that leads to animosity and grudges that can fester and poison a once thriving relationship. I will help you work through the blame game, and get down to effective ways to communicate, including how to express what you really mean, and also how to truly listen to your partner.

Couples and Marriage Counseling Services

    • Building Healthy Relationships
    • Communicating Effectively
    • Commitment in Relationships
    • Handling Breakups
    • Adjusting to Divorce
    • Starting New Relationships
    • Parenting
    • Step-Families
    • Special Needs Children
    • Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse
    • Handling Infidelity
    • Anxiety and Depression

Ready for marriage?

Are you weighing your options? Are you wanting the relationshp that you have always dreamed of? Let me help you explore what life has taught you and how you can make new choices to jump-start the next chapter of your life.

A Matter of Faith

You are safe and welcome to explore issues of faith and spirituality if you so desire. I have experience with Christian Couples counseling as well as Faith based Family Therapy.

Let's Get Started.

Insurance companies do not cover Couples or Marriage therapy as they have not deemed it Medically Necessary. For this reason, those sessions are paid -out-of-pocket.