Family Therapy

Is your past holding you captive while keeping your present happiness just out of reach? Family therapy examines behavioral patterns in family relationships, underlying emotional needs, and how to heal from emotional pain. Whether you come in alone, or bring the whole family I can help resolve conflict, and break harmful cycles of behavior.

It may be time to seek help if their is a transition on the horizon, family members are walking on eggshells, or there are addiction or substance abuse issues.

Coparenting: For the Kids

Divorcing parents can find co-parenting challenging and almost impossible at times. In therapy we'll focus on how to protect your children emotionally while moving forward. Having both parents play an active role in your children’s daily lives is the best way to ensure all your kids’ needs are met. We'll explore the best way to stay involved, keep your previous relationship issues out of the way, so that you can both focus on the children