Self-control and the Mystery of Self-mastery: Part One-Change

Despite even our best of intentions, we can find ourselves missing the mark when it comes to our own growth.  Staying stuck, time and time again can be truly heartbreaking, especially when we let ourselves down.  How is it then that we fail to complete the well-intentioned promises to ourselves?  Aren’t we complicit to make the promise in the first place and isn’t our goal well positioned for success at the start? What could possibly happen along the way to … Read More

Family: They Need Your Intentional Effort and Patience

If a picture is worth a thousand words then suffice it to say, that a family portrait  is worth a million, or more.  Families with all their unwritten rules and invisible lines are more intricate than the fine print on any online subscription or processed food label.  Are multi-generational extended family units a thing of the past? More Than Ever Before Relationships Require Plugging In Families stayed together, over the eons, because they needed to, for survival. Plain and simple. Warmth, shelter, food, … Read More